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Staying healthy has already become a new indicator of improved life. This trend in staying healthy is emphasized not only in Europe and America but also in competitive industries. Health is the main component in the promotion of physical education, and the aim of Asia University.



Since the implement of the multiple entrance to colleges and universities policy and 9-year compulsory schooling system, aside from the pressure of joint college entrance exam, students are forced to develop and cultivate skills. The old habit of focusing solely on schoolwork is fading. Therefore, a rigid university level physical education system should be adjusted for this scholastic tendency. Courses are tailored to student's needs to maintain their passion for sports and skills.

Over the years our developing society has brought better life to everyone. But once you are addicted to the convenience and allurement of material life and technology, you will inevitably develop a personality of laziness, self-righteousness and inertia. Through education, we aim to enable our students to experience the joy of life and defeat the fear of sweating and hard work. We expect our students will develop a lifelong love for sports.

Human beings are running out of living space due to the growing density of population, rising average life expectancy and excessive use of land. Schools, however, have room for sports thus gradually become the main field for exercise in the city. To allow a school to become the core of citizen's life, a deliberate plan, including the function, capacity, facility, circulation, safety measurements, and management, schould be made in advance.